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For over a decade Dody Oliver Catering has featured at celebrations and events from Port Melbourne to Portsea.

From humble beginnings selling her honest and delicious fare at beach side markets on the Mornington Peninsula, demand grew for Dody to cater for dinner parties, then weddings and corporate events.

Dody Oliver Catering was born and the invitations to cater keep coming.

While some caterers follow food fashions and trends, Dody stays true to her recipe for success – simplicity, generosity, and lots of flavour.

A classic chicken ribbon sandwich done well is exceptional, there’s no need to over complicate things.

While there’s a lot more to what we do than our famous chicken sandwiches it will always come back to simplicity: beautiful ingredients put together with care, served with style and a whole lotta heart.

Dody Oliver Catering offers personalised service, years of experience, and food to remember.

We’d love to talk about your event.