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We provide freshly cooked meals and delicious snacks for children on a daily basis in a number of Melbourne’s public and private schools and childcare centres. If you would like to discuss catering for your school or childcare centre please email Dody directly


Food for Schools

About Flexischools

Flexischools is an online ordering system servicing over a thousand schools in Australia. It is very easy to use and takes the hassle out of giving your children money for their tuck shop meals each day. Dody Oliver Catering is connected to and uses the Flexischools system for the schools she services.


Fundraising packages for schools

Dody is involved in assisting many of Melbourne’s schools to raise much needed funds through parents events and fund raisers, such as luncheons, dinners and cocktail parties. Ask Dody how she could assist your school for the next event. or phone 0413 449 552



Food for Schools

Breakfast ideas for busy mornings

Getting a good start to the day is essential for any child, scientific studies have shown that eating a good breakfast makes a big difference to school related performance.

Dody recommends these easy to prepare breakfasts that take less than 3 minutes at home.

- Avocado on rye toast with a slice of tomato
- Porridge with berries or banana and honey – popular, filling and low GI
- Scrambled eggs tomato and ham burrito
- Berry and bircher muesli cups - make a big batch at one time and if you’re running late just put them in a disposable cup and the kids can eat them in the car
- Whole grain toast with peanut butter topped with honey and banana slices


Kids in the kitchen

Some kids can be fussy eaters! One of the best things you can do is involve them in the preparation at meal times. We have found once the children have been engaged in the food that is being cooked they are more likely to eat that dinner and understand how to use ingredients and enjoy the experience.

Try fun things first like pizza, cupcakes, muffins and healthy biscuits. Kids like to measure and mix ingredients together. Involving your children at an early age will instil a love and appreciation of cooking that will last a lifetime.